Airistech Airis Janus Mod - Multiple colors

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The Airistech Janus Vaporizer is an innovative 2 in 1 device for oils with powerful 650mAh battery that is designed to support both 510 oil cartridges and pod atomizers.
It’s designed with a connection on either end of the device. On the top you can connected your oil pod attachments (14 x 5.7mm) and on the bottom you have a traditional 510 threading ready to fit all of your oil cartridges.
The Janus Vape is equipped with advanced variable voltage controls that will allow you to match your entire arsenal of attachments with the perfect output for top performance at all times.
It’s controlled easily and discreetly using one button and an LED power indicator system that makes the whole process a breeze. First power the device on by rapidly clicking the button 5 times.