Bad Drip E Liquid 60 ML - Dead Lemon

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Bad Drip Dead Lemon eJuice says a sad farewell to the long life that this zesty citrus had. His loss is your gain though, because he’s the reason this tangy, tart treat is even possible. Fresh squeezed of everything he had left, this sugar sprinkled lemon makes him look the best that he has in years. Brace yourself for a wild rush from this sweet and sour vape juice that brings you precisely what you’re looking for without any of the fluff. A juicy zap straight from the lemon’s big old head, you better hope the electrifying buzz doesn’t shock you to death too. Look inside the little canister and you can pull out a logo slapped drip cloth that comes free for your convenience.

Nicotine Level: 0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG