Candy King on Salt E Liquid 30 ML - Belts Strawberry

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Candy King on Salt Belts Strawberry eJuice can’t keep your pants tight, but it excels at providing a smooth experience with salt nicotine. There are a lot of things these belts can’t do like keeping you safely seated in the car or showing off to the rest of the dojo that you have karate moves. This gummy Candy King vape juice can’t do it all, but sometimes the important thing is that what it does is done right. These chewy lines of tangy sweetness will hold up, keep grounded, and show off the intense quality you can expect from this confectionary brand. It’s a bad accessory or harness, but it only has to do one thing and that is to blow you away.

Nicotine Level: 35 MG & 50 MG